The Best Workout Routine for Busy People & Entrepreneurs

Short on time but know you need to get in shape? Looking for an effective mind-body routine that won’t take too much time out of your day? This is the solution for you.

I used to be exhausted all the time. I thought I needed to exercise daily to be healthy and fit, so I would squeeze in running, yoga, the gym, etc. every chance I could get. The result?

Burn out!

I thought I was taking care of my body and mind, but really I was slowly wearing myself down.

When I began practicing heated yoga regularly, I was ecstatic because I realized I could workout and get connected with my body in one succinct hour of self-reflection and sweaty movement. The more I practiced, the more centered I felt and the less reactive I was to life. Everyone in my life could see the difference.

But it wasn’t too long after becoming a yoga teacher that I rediscovered my yearning for endurance and strength-based activities. The problem was that I couldn’t fit it all into my busy schedule and I wasn’t willing to give up my yoga practice.

That’s when I started experimenting with a hybrid routine of yoga and HIIT (high intensity interval training). As a yoga teacher and personal trainer, creating these routines became a fun and rewarding activity. Plus, I was able to help my clients get more fit, flexible and clear-minded. Since then, I never looked back.

Here’s the format: 20–30 minutes of Vinyasa yoga, 10–20 minutes of HIIT, 10–20 minutes of stretching and relaxation. What’s so great about this hour of mindful movement? You get to work on your flexibility and mobility in addition to your strength and endurance without sacrificing time. It’s a fully immersive mind-body experience.

The best part? You don’t need to leave your house, you don’t need any equipment, and you only need to do it 2–3 times per week!

Think about how much time this saves you. If you are a busy entrepreneur, you probably struggle with the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day. You most likely feel like you work all the time and can’t possibly fit the gym into your schedule every day. I get it. And I’m here to tell you that you don’t need the gym every day. All you need is a few hours each week, a mat, and an online trainer.


HIIT is a form of interval training that alternates periods of intense anaerobic exercise with periods of rest. HIIT recruits your fast-twitch (type II) muscle fibers, which can help increase the size and definition of a particular muscle.

The science on the benefits of HIIT for physical and mental health is promising. One study found that regular engagement in HIIT results in fat loss and significant skeletal muscle adaptations (1). Another study found that HIIT increased cerebral blood flow in young and old participants (2).

In other words, HIIT is beneficial for your brain and your body.

The best part? You only have to do around 30 minutes of HIIT per week to reap the benefits. If you’ve done HIIT before, this isn’t hard to believe. HIIT is hard. But it’s also short, so it goes by quickly. You can stop running on the treadmill or climbing the Stairmaster for an hour. Instead, do 10–20 minutes of HIIT.

Why Yoga?

While HIIT recruits fast-twitch muscle fibers to increase your power and strength, yoga supports mobility, flexibility and strength. The combination of the two is crucial for a balanced body and mind. Vinyasa yoga is an incredible way to increase flexibility and strength. So when you begin with a strong Vinyasa yoga sequence, you have a chance to warm up the muscles and joints for more powerful movements.

Stretching activates the parasympathetic nervous system, aka the “rest and a digest” nervous system. This type of activity is crucial for the health of your mind. Yoga proves — time and time again — that it leads to healthy relationships and healthy habits. When your nervous system is balanced, there is an overall greater sense of contentment and ease in life.

Why Both?

The combination of Vinyasa yoga and HIIT provides a well-rounded workout and brain reset all in about one hour.

Working out from home eliminates the time you would spend commuting to the gym or yoga studio, saving you a ton of time while whipping you into the best physical shape of your life.

You can’t just work all day every day and not experience high levels of stress and burnout. It’s impossible. We all know that eventually, this can be very detrimental; as burnout will result in lack of productivity, irritability, and unhappiness. We need to find time for quiet reflection to be the best version of ourselves for our families and the people we love.

It’s been said that the best asset an entrepreneur can have is good health. Yoga gives you the mental clarity you need to show up fully in your business and personal life. HIIT gives you strength and endurance that leaves you feeling empowered and energized. The combination of the two is powerful.

So stop worrying about squeezing gym time into your busy schedule 6 days a week. Take that stress out of your life entirely and workout from home. Schedule 2–3 hours out of your week and find an online coach or trainer to help you reach your goals. Make the switch, and you will see and feel results.

Do you want to experience the transformative results of a Yoga HIIT class?

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